who runs this thing anyway?


hi, i’m shannon and i write a lot.

i’m a gentle hurricane with deep brown eyes and thick curly hair. born and bred in new york city for all of my twenty four years of life (and counting), i’m a queens girl. my heart will always belong to this beautiful borough, no matter where my feet and my words take me in this city.

i write often about love and all it’s forms because it’s what i know best. if there is one word that could encapsulate my life, it is love. i have never been short of it from either my family or friends and i am blessed by that. i talk a lot about my parents, who immigrated to this country from guyana many years ago. this blog chronicles the many ways in which i try to understand them and all they have done for me. i write about my boyfriend and how i’m learning to be a good partner in life. he’s my rock in almost everything and i’m still learning to accept that i don’t have to go at everything alone. there are my wonderful friends, ultimate frisbee & travels documented here. this blog holds snippets of my life, be it dreary or exciting.

but more than that, i write here to find my own place in the world and to make sense of everything around me. some days, i am so worn down by this world.  some days, i am so grateful to be alive in this big old universe.

i struggle with my own demons and hope to one day put them to rest. but until then, i put words to them and leave them here for you, dear reader.

thank you for your time. i never imagined that so many people would be interested in my life and my thoughts. whether you stay or not, please know how much i appreciate you stopping by!


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